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TriggerChart - Major version release. Numerous bug fixes and updates.

2.18 - Bug fix involving conversion of earnings date.

2.17 - Modified price data structure to correctly handle volumes that exceed 4 billion.  Typically this would only
be for an index such as ^DJI.

The chart now does not display volume values if both the volume and volume SMA are 0.  This is the case
for ^VIX which has no volume.

2.16 - The chart now lists the current Action (if any) for the stock in the upper right corner.

The chart now draws only OHLC bars for stocks or ETFs.  Mutual fund symbols only have one price
for the day and is drawn as a line chart.

2.15 - Minor cosmetic fix involving the chart crosshair.

If a stock has not had actions calculated in more than two weeks, TriggerChart now highlights it with
yellow text on a red background in the Portfolio VIew, Settings View, and on the chart.

A trap was added to eliminate loading duplicate tabs.

Added 50 day and 200 day simple moving averages to the chart.  These are not triggers but for display only.
Their appearance may be changed on the Tools-Options page.

2.14 - Fixed bug involving profit/loss calculations for trades that sold today.  It was using the close price
of today instead of the open price which is when it would have sold.  This only applied to stocks that
had a SOLD action.

2.13 - Clipping was enhanced on all charts to prevent stray lines and symbols from being drawn outside the chart boundaries.  Several dialog titles were replaced that had been missing.  Help-Renew menu item was redirected to the Pricing web page.

2.12 - Minor cosmetic changes to Tools-Options pages.

2.11 - The Tools-Options tabbed dialog has been modified.  The historical price settings have been moved to a new "Download Historical Prices" tab.  The "General Settings" page has had an "Initial Balance" section added that allows you to specify the starting balance used in the "Balance Growth" column of the Annual Trade Summary tab on the Settings view.  This column simulates how an initial investment of a specified amount would grow if invested in the selected stock and the proceeds subsequently invested in each trade of that stock.

2.10 - An Email Registration button was added to the Enter License Key dialog (also available from the Help menu).

2.09 - General maintenance release.

2.08 - Fixed a bug in the Edit Price Data dialog that was not selecting the correct price record in some circumstances.

2.07 - General maintenance release.

2.06 - Modified the Yahoo earnings date retrieval to match new Yahoo formats.


TCDownload - Major version release. Numerous bug fixes and updates.

2.09 - Changed dialog text to "APPEND" and "REPLACE" to match the same terminology used in TriggerChart's Tools-Options.

2.08 - All exchange lists are now sorted alphabetically.

2.07 - Modified the Yahoo earnings date retrieval to match new Yahoo formats.